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I came to you not sure whether I wanted to stay with my husband of not. You helped me look at all my options and outcomes objectively and clearly.

Thank you for helping see the option I wanted to take and for building my confidenec to take it.



You helped us sort out where we were going and then enabled us to seperate and divorce in a mutually repectful way - thank you for that, We, the parents and our children, are in a far better place then we would have been if we hadn't had your help.

John and Jenny


Karen you supported me when we seperated, you supported me through my divorce and you supported me to re build my life. Thank you

Jane C


Everything in my life has changed so much for the better I'm positive that I am going to be the best I can from now on. 

Since leaving my husband, I have gained so much confidence just from being on my own and now it seems the things that were worrying me before just don't have any importance anymore.  Your circles of concern have helped me no end and I use it whenever I feel worried about anything.  I have made so many changes recently: job, moving home, love life!  I'm sure in the past I would have had a nervous breakdown, but now I just feel excited at what lies ahead for me.Thank you so much for all your help and guidance, it has been invaluable and I feel I now have the tools I need to control my fears and make the most of my life.

Claire B



I just wanted to say a big thank you for helping me through this difficult time and how much it is appreciated. You have made me aware of the strength I have within.

Donna T

Separation and Divorce

It may feel that it is time to move on so leading to separation, divorce and the need to start a new chapter in your life. If you or your partner feel you have reached the end of your relationship then working with a family consultant/coach will help you through this most difficult of times and, at your own pace, to accept your position and take steps to rebuild a successful life for yourself.


Now, imagine the benefits of having someone to support you objectively and relate to you, a trained person who can understand the whole picture and who will listen without judgment. You will be in an environment where you feel safe to reveal your thoughts, feelings and fears, knowing it is all totally confidential.


In addition to this, you'll be receiving help from a relationship coach and counsellor who is also trained to teach you ways to make positive improvements to yourself and your life.


These days enlightened lawyers and law practices work with relationship coaches and counsellors to ensure the best help for their clients and we are the coach of choice for many law practices. Karen is one of only 19 affiliate members with Resolution and one of 11 approved coaches with the Collaborative Family Law Association, both of which are professional associations for family law. 


Relationship coaching and counselling will help you through separation, divorce and out the other side. Is this you?


 - I am not sure where to get independent unbiased help

 - Who can I relate to?

 - I am frightened by all the horror stories I hear

 - I am worried about costs spiralling

 - I am concerned that we could run up huge bills fighting each other

 - I don't have anyone to listen and understand me, to help me find a way through the nightmare of emotions

 - I am worried about what decisions to make

 - I am not sure of what instructions I will need to give my lawyer


While your lawyer gets on with the legal aspects, allow me to help you deal with the emotional issues related to divorce and separation and the trepidation involved in the whole process.


I will happily liaise with your lawyer following your instructions, or if you don't already have one, help you find the right lawyer for you.


Some of the issues that divorce coaching will help you with

Whether it is you or your spouse that has chosen the divorce, it is still an incredibly painful experience and the relationship help we offer will ease the burden and help you carve out a future path. Is this you?


 - My Husband or wife wants a separation or divorce and I feel left behind

 - My spouse has sprung the news of a divorce or separation on me and I am struggling to come to terms with it and find any acceptance of the situation

 - I want help with how to help my children

 - They have been unfaithful and I feel angry and worthless

 - You have been unfaithful and are struggling with the outcome and the guilt

 - I want to learn to accept what I can't change and use my learnings for a new and happier life


The Relationship help, guidance and advice I will bring you

 - Help you work out the choices you have and which you pick, during the divorce process and in your future life

 - Enable you to focus on your needs, so that you can attend legal meetings fully prepared and able to clearly explain what you want

 - Change how you are affected by the whole painful process of splitting up and reduce the damage, so you can move forward more successfully as we plan for your future.


I will help you through the stress of your divorce, putting you in charge of the confusing muddle of emotions that you experience and enabling you to feel calmer and more in control. With my training and experience, you can move forward to create the new life you desire. 


The skillset we bring you to help with your relationship breakup

Karen has been a full time practitioner and therapist since 1990 helping clients to get through difficult times, make the improvements they want and achieve the goals they set. In those years she has gained a wealth of knowledge and experience which add to the wide range of modalities she offers you. She will use a combination of her skills to create a bespoke programme to suit your individual needs. These skills are coaching, counselling, Neuro-Lingiustic Programming, Time-Based techniques, EMDR, Hypnotherapy and Reiki.


Please contact me on 023 8081 2758 for details of divorce coaching sessions throughout Southampton, Bournemouth, Salisbury, Hampshire, Dorset, Wiltshire and the New Forest.  If you are further afield I can work by telephone and email.  Find out today about the results you can enjoy.


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