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Thanking you once again for all the support you have given me, and building me up to complete my journey.  

Best wishes



Thank you for supporting me and helping me believe I could accomplish anything if I really wanted to. I really do feel a different person from the one that came to see you in September. Thank you again.



I am writing to try and thank you for your help and advice over the last year. I say ‘try’ because I can’t really put into words what a support you’ve been. It has been a huge surprise to find all the positive things I have inside.



I was feeling adrift and unsure of how to move forward after my divorce was over. You helped me see what I wanted and how to go about it. More importantly you helped me to help my children​, how to talk to them and explain things to them, how to create a safe and happy environment to counteract any damaging behaviour they were experiencing elsewhere 

Claire G

Starting Over


Starting Afresh using Relationship Coaching

As a relationship comes to an end, making a better life for ourselves can seem like a huge step into the unknown. Relationship Coaching doesn’t dwell on the past. With the right support, you can rebuild your life and look forward to a new and exciting future.

I will identify the root of your problems, then use that knowledge to make positive changes to bring calm and control back to your life. 


Our relationship coaching sessions will take place in an environment that will make you feel happy and relaxed, safe and secure to talk about anything, in total confidentiality.

Sometimes, more terrifying than the loss of old relationships is the thought of life on your own. It may be many years since you were single, and the thought of having to start again can seem as difficult as climbing a mountain. 


You may be worried about:


  • How will I fit into my social circle now that I am single?

  • Where will I meet new people on my wavelength?

  • What to say and how to behave in the 21st century dating scene

  • What it will be like to date again?


Life after Divorce or Separation: wanting to rebuild your life

Being newly separated or divorced can leave you wondering “What now?” When you have been used to being part of a couple it can be hard to adjust to being single again.  The whole procedure can leave you:


  • Lacking in confidence

  • Feeling negative (perhaps bitter)

  • Not knowing how to move on and restart your life


First, we’ll identify what you want from your new life and then how you will achieve it.  We’ll work together to rebuild your life step-by-step, discussing and planning each move forward that you’ll take, from helping you on a personal level to the practical sides of life. Believe me, there is life after relationship break up and you can make it a very good one.  It takes work on your part, which we can help you with, and time.  I can help you make it work. Go on, invest in your future and see what new and exciting places it will take you to.


Helping Rebuild Life for your Children

It’s so very daunting wondering how to help your children through such a difficult time for them. Take a moment to imagine how good you’ll feel, knowing that in time you’ve helped them come to terms with the ‘new’ life and how to make the best of it. Together we can discuss and help you plan what you can do to make the future positive for them, and how you will deal with their fears and doubts. We can discuss this in your sessions, and we can also see your children themselves. 


Sometimes children find it easier to talk through some of their concerns with an objective professional, who isn’t connected to the family.  They may be worried about saying things to their parents for fear of making the situation worse. I provide a safe and confidential haven where they can unload their burden.


I work with clients from Hampshire, Wiltshire, Dorset, The New Forest and and all along the M3 corridor. I also have clients from further afield who visit or who I work with by telephone, Skype, Facetime and email.


Please call Better Life Coaching on 023 8081 2758 or email:


and we can discuss how I can help you.

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