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I had felt my confidence was very low and that I was an underachiever, feeling a failure. Karen completely changed my attitude to life. I had 5 sessions with Karen and she also set me tasks to do between sessions to improve my self-confidence and taught me techniques to get me into a positive frame of mind. I would recommend Karen to anyone who may be in need of her help. My view on life is more positive now and I would say I am exactly the person I want to be. I am proud of who I am, and it’s all thanks to Karen.

Lisa, aged 17 years.


Many thanks for all you have done for my son. What a difference a year makes! Whatever you do, please keep on doing it.

June (son 19yo)


Just though I would let you know I passed my exams! Such a relief as lots of people didnt!!!!

Again I couldn't have done it without you

Lucinder 16yo


Helping Young People


As a parent, above all, you want happiness and well-being for your child. When, however, your child meets challenges in their life which they struggle to handle, it can be difficult for you to know how to help them. It is in these circumstances that your child may benefit from professional and objective support to help them work through their issues and to learn coping skills and mechanisms for now and into their future.


Young people can face many different struggles as they move through childhood and adolescence, with issues often overlapping and interlinking. At Better Life Coaching I have many years experience in supporting children and young people with a whole host of issues including;


- Identity and self-image

- Confidence and self-esteem

- The impact of separating and divorcing parents

- Becoming part of a blended family

- Relationships and Friendships

- Appropriate coping mechanisms

- Boundaries and behaviours

- Fears and phobias

- Expectations and pressure

- Exam stress and anxiety

- Education and career paths

- Self-harming

- Mental health issues

- Substance misuse

- Offending behaviour

- Other unsafe behaviours


I can work with your child, helping them to achieve a smooth transition to adulthood and to reach their potential in all areas of their lives. I am flexible in my approach, placing your child and their individual needs in the centre of all my work. The format of my sessions can also be flexible – working solely with your child or including parents in sessions where useful and appropriate, or a combination of each. Above all, I understand children and young people and my approachable and friendly manner ensures that your child feels safe, comfortable, listened to and important during all interaction.


I also support children when their parents are going through a divorce and in the months afterwards.


I work with clients from Hampshire, Wiltshire, Dorset, The New Forest and and all along the M3 corridor. I also have clients from further afield who visit or who I work with by telephone, Skype, Facetime and email.


Please call Better Life Coaching on 023 8081 2758 or email:


and we can discuss how I can help you.



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