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Karen Morley

For 10 years many lawyers and mediators have been referring their clients to me for emotional and behavioural support and help though the stress of separation and divorce and the many issues that this brings.


I have helped in various ways, enabling clients to make firm decisions, to have the strength and confidence to travel through the process, to build communication and understanding channels, and helping them to help their children.


Lately I have also been part of the new wave to bring more flexible processes to help clients, such as 5 way meetings, improving communication skills in mediation, parenting plans and the intake (MELCA like) form of collaborative divorce.

Flexible Ways of Working

5 Way Collaborative and Collaborative Style Meeting

Better Life Coaching has been instrumental in running more flexible and progressive types of conflict resolution. These processes have been in various formats. The main advantage of working in this way is that we can all be extremely flexible to produce the best form of help for the individual needs of our clients.


Some of these process structures have involved a Participation Agreement and some have not, depending on where the clients are in the process and the issues to be addressed.


This flexible model can be built to suit the exact requirements of the clients and the disputes to be resolved


This is a framework that has been devised for collaborative style meeting/s to address and resolve difficulties between individuals, couples and families. Each meeting can be tailored to the client’s needs and so the process is flexible and can be adapted as required on the day.


This framework can include other professionals such as financial consultants, or any other professional that would aid the process.


Outline format


Present in the process, 2 clients with their individual lawyers and a family consultant.


1) Group meeting to introduce ourselves.


2) Karen Morley (family consultant) will spend:


a) Approximately 30 minutes with each client individually. This gives each client an opportunity to:


  • Put forward and discuss their thoughts and experiences


  • Voice their reasons for any opposition so they can be addressed away from the other person, so not causing potential conflict


  • To discuss and explore with Karen other aspects and views on the situation


  • Look at and improve their communication skills and understandings


b) Approximately 30 minute meeting for both clients with Karen so they can work on finding mutual understandings of each other positions and perceptions of the situations, so aiding taking the process forward and begin to formulate an agreement.


3) Coffee break for clients. Karen and lawyers meet, so Karen can update them on the progress so far.


4) 5 way meeting so that they can address all the issues and stumbling blocks together, bringing in the knowledge and expertise of both professions.



Agreement to be drawn up Karen and delivered to both clients.


Further meetings to be agreed as necessary.

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