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Thank you so much for your help, the presentation went exactly as you described it would. I still had nerves but nothing really, it went perfectly and I got everything over I wanted to… it was awesome. The feeling when everyone clapped at the end was fantastic and the feedback from colleagues has also been brilliant, I truly believe I can do anything now!
I used the NLP for positive warm thoughts, controlled my breathing and also focused on other people waiting to speak to control my nerves … it all worked a treat. The most fantastic thing was not having any nagging negatives thoughts / voices from my sub-conscious telling me to pull out or what could go wrong….. all that bad stuff is gone forever thanks to you and the hypnosis. My transformation is amazing. I feel so much more confident and in control of my feelings. 
Running up to the day I wasn’t nervous at all which allowed me to prepare properly and at no time did any negative thoughts enter my mind. 
I can’t thank you enough for changing my life.
You are a star and I am truly grateful.



What is NLP coaching?

NLP is a way of understanding how the brain affects our emotional responses. It is a user manual to the brain; it helps us to think more effectively and communicate better. 


Through a range of insights, methods and techniques, NLP can help re-programme our minds and allow us to make positive changes so that we;

  • Are more in control of our thoughts and feelings

  • Choose more helpful responses and behaviours

  • Communicate more efficiently

  • Overcome fears and challenges 


Often referred to as the Study of Success, NLP has grown in popularity in recent years with it being used for both personal and commercial benefit.


NLP Coaching is holistic, person-centred and self-solution focused.


What does NLP mean?

NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming:



This refers to your neurological system.  Our thought processes activate this system, which in turn affects your emotions, behaviours and physiology.



This is how we use language, both verbal and non-verbal, to understand the world. Using the right words has the power to change how we feel and behave.



NLP coaching teaches you to change the stored information in your brain to have a lasting effect on your body’s responses.


How can NLP coaching techniques help me?

NLP helps you develop techniques and skills to quickly and effectively change your thoughts, fears, behaviours and beliefs that limit your ambitions. By understanding how we perceive the world through our senses, we can learn to harness our resources to act skillfully in any situation.


Gain insights to help you understand:


  • How you think

  • How you feel

  • How you behave

  • How you communicate with yourself and others

  • How you make sense of the world around you and how your ‘map’ is unique to you

  • How you are able to change


Gain a toolkit for personal and organisational change:


  • Take charge of your thoughts, feelings, behaviours and responses

  • Create a positive attitude about life and your possibilities

  • Gain direction, motivation and belief through setting well-formed outcomes

  • Know how to focus on what you want

  • Communicate with yourself and others more effectively

  • Influence others with integrity: create win/win situations

  • Increase your options so you are no longer restricted by your experience

  • Overcome limiting beliefs

  • Overcome phobias

  • Break persistent patterns of un-resourceful behavior


As a Master Practitioners of NLP, Karen and Bethen will teach you NLP skills to use effortlessly in everyday situations. 


Wouldn’t you like to have brain tools at your fingertips?

Karen's NLP qualifications

I’m a fully qualified and experienced Master Practitioner of NLP, and was trained by international NLP experts Richard Bandler, Paul McKenna, Michael Breen and Dr Shaun Brookhouse.

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