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Over 3 years Karen has helped me to change many areas of my life. She supported me while I came to terms with an ongoing health problem and taught me how to manage it with confidence. Karen has been a kind counsellor and sympathetic advisor to me, encouraging me to take control of myself and my life.  I am now looking forward to my future, knowing that I am a stronger, more positive person.





Just wanted to say thanks for the session last night. I have a more positive approach to getting where I want to be. See you next week.






Thanks so much for the brilliant session today - I really feel so much more confident and ready to go out there and get my first client.

Juliet - Certificate of Coaching, Newcastle College of Further Education




Mentoring and Supervision



What is a Mentor?

"A mentor uses their experience to guide, counsel, and develop others to achieve their potential."


Mentoring is a one-to-one relationship in which the mentor gives support, encouragement, assistance or guidance, in order to help a person achieve change, improvement and goals.


How does mentoring differ from life coaching?

The relationship between a mentor and an individual is usually long term, whereas coaching may take place over a short period of time to help someone overcome a particular issue. Having a mentor on a medium or long term basis means that you always have your own confidante to listen and offer you impartial advice.


How can mentoring help me?

Imagine having someone helping you to understand your life, review your options and to guide you through problems and decisions. Reap the benefits of a sounding board for your ideas, offering objective feedback to help you progress. Mentoring helps guide you through life’s challenges; relationships, personal growth, career development and any issues that concern you.


Mini Mentoring: guidance & life skills coaching for young people

"A mentor is many things - a positive role model, an adviser, an experienced friend. Somebody from outside a person's immediate circle taking a special interest can make an enormous difference.” (Excellence in Schools, 1997). How many times have you wished you had someone to:

 - Bridge the gap between you and your children

 - Listen objectively to their opinions and feelings

 - Support them as they discuss their worries and fears

 - Propose different views in an engaging way

 - Help your children understand how life works?


I have found great success as a mentor for young people with a variety of problems from seven-years-old and upwards.



Coaching and Mentoring the Life Coach

If you are training or qualified in coaching and/or NLP and would like to gain knowledge and insight in dealing with your clients and their issues, why not take advantage of my special rate sessions to do just that?


Your professional and personal development

As you set out on your coaching career, I can improve your coaching skills by:

 - Increasing your confidence

 - Improving your client approach

 - Putting clients at their ease

 - Learning the art of comfortable questioning



If you’ve recently completed a life coaching or NLP course or are about to finish your training, my practical coaching supervision is your next step.


Supervision is a reflective space that enables the coach/mentor to acquire a deeper understanding of what is taking place in the client system, in the relationship between the coach and client, and the coach him/herself. It is also a space where the coach can discuss and unload anything left from their own sessions with clients.


As a coaching professional, my life coach training helps many trainee and newly qualified coaches to improve their coaching techniques and client handling.  Boost your theoretical knowledge by learning how to build your business and attract clients.


These sessions can be face to face, by telephone, or by email.


My support will increase your confidence and success.  Call on 02380 812758 to arrange your first session.

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