Thank you for your help with my fear of flying. I was able to look out of the airport window at the plane I was about to board for America, (something I would never have done). I boarded the plane and had an enjoyable flight!! I feel I can go anywhere now and it's all down to your help. Thank you so much you have changed my life.

Fears and Phobias


What is a Phobia or an Excessive Fear?

A Phobia is a thought and response process that has grown out of all proportion. It stems from an initial healthy respect for something, that grows into an enormous fear and then grows more and more until it becomes a Phobia – an illogical excessive fear.


This may takes days, weeks or years to develop.


However long it takes, the effect is the same – it restricts and in some cases controls your life. For some people one Phobia develops into more Phobias and then goes on escalating until they are unable to carry on any sort of normal life.


We have all met people who don’t go abroad for holidays because they have a fear or phobia of flying. Others, who can’t enter a room or a house with a spider in it or can’t have injections due to a needle phobia, can’t bear heights or enclosed spaces.


The list goes on and on, but they all have a common cause, their mind and their memory has a distorted view of the subject. 


A course of Hypnotherapy, NLP and Coaching could rid them of the problem forever.


Why put up with things adversely affecting your life when, with our help, we can quickly get to the root of the problem?


Please note treatment does not necessitate you having to see the object or perform the action that you are fearful or phobic of.


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